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Menzerna Polishes

Menzerna Polishes adress the needs of automotive OEM professionals aswell as automotive aftermarket customers. This silicone free line of products quickly removes sanding scratches and compounding swirl marks and produces a high gloss and holograph free finish.

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Menzerna Fast Gloss FG400 - 1 litre
Menzerna Fast Gloss FG400 This is the very latest heavy duty  polishi…
Menzerna Power Finish PF2400 (PO203S) - 1 litre
Menzerna Power Finish PF2400 (PO203S) Where the consumer grade Intensive Polish…
Menzerna Super Finish 3500 - 1 litre
Menzerna Super Finish 3500 - 1 Litre Previously known as Menzerna Super Finish …
Menzerna Final Finish SF3800 (PO85RD) - 1 litre
Menzerna Super Finish Plus SF3800 (PO85RD) - 1 litre Formally known as Menzerna…
Menzerna Power Finish PF2500 (PO203)
Menzerna Medium Cut Polish PF2500 (PO203) Previously known as Menzerna Power Fi…
Menzerna Super Finish 3500 (PO106FA)
Menzerna Super Finish 3500 Menzerna Super Finish PO106FA as it was previously c…
Menzerna Final Finish 3800 (PO 85RD)
Menzerna Final Finish 3800 (PO85RD) Previously known as SF4500 Final Finish (PO…
Menzerna 250ml Sampler Kit
Menzerna 250ml Sampler Kit The Menzerna 250ml sampler kit allows you to try a l…
Menzerna - Control Cleaner
Menzerna - Control Cleaner 500ml Menzerna Control Cleaner is designed for …