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Over the coming months we will be adding some straight forward guides and advise to cleaning your car to a perfect shine. So please check back soon for regular updates.

Guide to detailing

Detailing Guide - Product Order

A lot of people ask me what the correct order is for using detailing products and how often you should be using products. As a result I have put together the following diagram which i hope explains it all.

Just follow the steps for a perfect shine but as always if you arn't sure or require any further advice just ask.

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Rotary Polisher - Guide

Rotary Polishing

The rotary can be used as a very effective tool for paintwork correction. In the wrong hands it can produce spectacularly poor results as we all too often see! At best swirl marks and holograms can be imparted and at worst burn through or destruction of painted panels. The latter is fortunately rare and the rotary operator has to ignore clear warning signs for this to occur.

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User Submitted Guides

The following are a list of guides kindly donated by one of our customers and detailing guru David McLean.

Basic Car Washing Guide
Swirl Removal : Basics
Porter Cable 7424 : Starter's Guide
Paintwork Protection : A Guide to LSPs
Choosing a Pad & Polish Combo 
The Slow Cut Method by PC7424 - for Menzerna PO91L & S34